Food photography and styling as an art form.

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The Fashion of Food

The Food Lab brings a strong understanding of the food world along with an understanding for client’s food specific needs, as it relates to packaging design, editorial, web, video and TV Commercials.

Integrated Food Imagery & Video

From concept, through to styling & prop sourcing, then photography, the Food Lab offers an integrated food production for packaging, menu & recipe book production.

Integrity & Freshness

An onsite kitchen garden provides our fresh herbs  – essential when trying to capture mouthwatering images.

Dedicated Production Space

Based in Kloof, KwaZulu-Natal, we offer a 120sq/m studio space, with kitchen prep area, WIFI & full photographic studio.

Affordable 1-stop solution

The Food Lab is able to accommodate most clients budgets, offering half day or full day rates for food preparation, styling, studio hire photography & video.


Full House Services

That benefit you

We are able to oversee and direct the creative process, offer guidance on meal and ingredient options, as well as brief on plating style and the final look – to create a truly engaging final image that reflects your brand.

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We offer a dedicated 1300 square foot studio space, with professional grade photographic lighting, full frame camera bodies, broadcast lenses and an assortment of culinary props, crockery and textured backing boards.

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Our in-house retoucher and digital tech can perfect final images, selectively lightening or darkening elements to enhance the composition or create a composite from multiple images. We provide ad agencies and packaging designers a final image for web or print campaigns that is press ready.

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19 Ukosi Road, Kloof